This sculpture is awarded annually in Barcelona as a distinction of Human Rights Award Joan Alsina, sponsored by American House Foundation of Catalonia. Has been institutionalized as such since the IX edition of that prize, awarded first to the Argentine lawyer prominent in International Human Rights Law, Carlos Slepoy, within the First Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona.

I created this work on the basis of a previous one called "Justice", used for mounting
a digital mural titled "Peace and Justice", where they are located virtually in Manhanttan as replacing the Twin Towers knocked down. Its sleek design outlines a female profile stylized and austere, to represent some of the attributes that correspond to their missions. With the sphere in his abdomen I wanted to symbolize the gestation of a future universal equity...



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Stainless steel and bronze




































      The photojournalist Gervasio Sanchez receiving from the Director of the American House of Catalonia,
                 Antonio Traveria, the sculpture "Universal Justice " of Rego Curten. December 2010.












Gervasio Sanchez speaking at the ceremony, next to the sculpture "Universal Justice" of Rego Curten
            which is given annually to the winner of the Human Rights Award Joan Alsina.



















Premio Joan Alsina

Consulado General y Centro de Promoción de la República Argentina en Barcelona

Raíz Argentina